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Skip now I guess to the Present… After all the trial and error I have finally figured it out It took 20 – 30 years although now My most successful idea the ampRiser It’s the amplifier riser and equipment organizer riser lifts the amp off the ground Greatly improving the sound Drawer organizer stores your, […]


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 Also in 1995′ I invented and have fully documented, although never patented?    One day I was getting ready to decorate the house for Xmas with my oldest daughter,  I need music when I do anything, when I turned on the radio and open the cd player on the jam box lid, I saw my […]

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Skip to 1995′ I was an apprentice electrician,  I just purchased an IBM pc computer a 1meg something?  It had windows 95′ and tho most people didn’t like the operating system,  I had no problems with it at all, I only went online for blogs and bulletin boards,  alittle research here and thr, anyways I […]

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My program was complete you could simply type in the tab of your song and the program would convert it to a True music notes, You could save your work, Print your work, and share your work in an early format we had for online builtin boards That we would log onto using a Home […]

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History of my Thinking…

Starting to Log my Story for my own reference, and to help me figure things out… This document is a personal story of My life’s journey with inventing and thinking? There have been to many Coincidental ideas that I have thought of and then seen it materialize,  of come into market. Throughout my life I […]

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