History of my Thinking…

Starting to Log my Story for my own reference, and to help me figure things out…

This document is a personal story of My life’s journey with inventing and thinking?

There have been to many Coincidental ideas that I have thought of and then seen it materialize,  of come into market.

Throughout my life I have studied inventions and technology.

When I was 5 years old in 1975′ my dad taught me basic electronics,

we made an electromagnet and a motor with just some scrap pieces of wood, metal, wire, 9 volt battery,  and a nail.

The next year or so I received my 1 st erector set, and some legos,

and it was on!

So anyways back to the story. ..

I need to figure out for Myself why I have had some many

Ideas, inventions, and other various types of art (I have a lot of Copyrighted material)

So it started with 1975-76′ erector set creations,  and Lego builds

Not much here to talk about just the actual time it all started to develop.

I did build some pretty interesting things, and always original stuff

The I remember the most was the exploding Lego ball

We would make rubber band paddle boats, so I had the idea to apply that with all my legos wrap around it, fully wound, with a Lego pull pin

Walked into the kitchen where my mom and uncle sitting at the table,

I had my uncle pull the pin, We heard a winding noise for a second,

Then BOOM! legos everywhere!!

My mom obviously was Mad, my uncle thought it was cool.


So another early memory is drawing a Rocket and launch area,

I was Really into Star Trek and Star Wars (still I am to this day!)

anyways in the picture was a rocket on a launch pad with a fuel hose going to the ocean (cause I knew NASA was by the ocean)

And I remember my mom saying “How is the water powering the Rocket?)

and I said without hesitation “someday we will have Hydro power!”

I always tried to be technical even as a kid,

and this memory from the 70’s makes me wonder with today’s

Hydro power, how did I in vision this?


Also as a kid I would draw a lot of pictures of high tech cars

They would be equipped with cameras, oil slick, smoke screen, guns, ect…

I know alot was influence by James Bond 007 movies and Batman’s batmobile

Just I now I drew these pictures in great detail like a plan

I would show the actual wiring, and mechanics I believed it would take to make everything work,

I had an idea for the Metal windows like on the Batmobile

Simple Three windows on separate tracks

1. Regular glass (except it’s bullet proff!)

2. Tinted glass       ”          ”        ”        ”

3. Metal

and I would draw up hidden compartments that you cloud open with secret actuators.

and probably the coolest original idea I had even tho I know the auto industry was working on it also… it’s just in 1979′ I had know way to know?

anyways I was starting to learn about LED light emitting diode

and figured I could make a digital display in my car and it would work from the analog gages a/d conversion before I was taught in electronics


I also drew up a complete plan of my house (Laboratory)

Complete with cameras,  sensors in the floor, and microphones

All connected to my computer a commodore 64


By 1985′ I was really into computers and programming, and electonics.

Me and one of my Best friends Mike Cabanaw where in a computer class at High School, although we where in middle school,  we took a senior class computer test and past to get special permission.

We had to do many programing projects,  and one I will Never forget

was a “program application” at the time home pc’s where just starting to come out and software was just starting to be developed.

The project was to create a viable software program.

I was also just starting to learn how to play the guitar and couldn’t read music?

I was learning by a New method at the time called Tabliture

Now days with the Internet every guitar player knows about tabs

Anyways again this was 1985′

My project idea was a Music notation to guitar Tabliture conversion program

I worked for weeks programming,  and going through All my guitar magazines (they had 4-5 songs every issue with sheet music and tab)



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