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My program was complete you could simply type in the tab of your song and the program would convert it to a True music notes,

You could save your work,

Print your work,

and share your work in an early format we had for online builtin boards

That we would log onto using a Home phone on a modem, tape cassettes for data transfer, before 5 1/4″ floppy disk

I thought the program was Nice it had Music related icons for every function that I spent hours programming a 16 bit sprite to create character’s

I really did put my heart into this program, and

My computer teacher who was hard on us and stuck in old school ways

Did Not Like It Said it Was Not a Practical Program?

Said He thought it would Never make it to the Market?

As it teenage kid I always dealt with negative encouragement.

A few years latter flipping through a guitar magazine

I see an add for music tab…

Deviastated I was I knew I had the program first,  nothing I could do?

We just won copyright battle as game programmer’s in the Supreme Court

And I was just a kid I only read about the court story and did Not no alot about copyright law, Un like I do today.


Anyways what do you do? You move on and live with the memory


Another really good idea I had within a year or so of this idea was

A guitar that the metal frets and the metal strings where wired

So that when you press a string on any fret it would activate or act like a switch and complete a circuit connected to my commodore 64 serial input port, so the program that I wrote would recognize this signal and generate a note and tab (based on my original tab software)

I never really made a complete working proto type with a guitar

I just had a piece of wood with some strings connected to so electronics,  and wired to my computer, I didn’t know a lot about patent law back then in like 86′ like I do today in 2015′

I didn’t know that an invention could be protected with this basic working model ?

Really wish I had all my computer and electronics work and collection from back then… I now save Everything !!

Anyways it wasn’t tell the year 2000 tell Fender patented a guitar like my idea

Again Deviastated! !



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