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Skip to 1995′ I was an apprentice electrician,  I just purchased an IBM pc computer a 1meg something?  It had windows 95′ and tho most people didn’t like the operating system,  I had no problems with it at all, I only went online for blogs and bulletin boards,  alittle research here and thr, anyways

I was Really into the Basic paint program on windows,  I would spend hours drawing things with that program,

I also at the time just purchased the New Dewalt 18v cordless battery drill, it only came with One battery,  so at work it consistently needed charging, and ui could not afford another spare battery,  so I used also a corded power drill for heavy constant drilling and my cordless for small stuff, when I got laid off that year I spent more time with the

Paint program

I was drawing everything,  then one night

Stumped, with drawers block

(writers blockers can relate? )

So I started drawing my cordless drill

Then the whole Idea hit Me…

I could house an 18v electrical transformer inside an empty battery pack with the leads connected and a cord on the bottom end,

I knew the drill would work without having to make a prototype,  the drill does not care where it’s 18v dc is driven from,  so long as it’s constant,

So after I drew up the Idea I presented it to My Father hoping for ?

Instead he told me he didn’t think it would ever make it to market (He was right)

so I scraped the idea in 95′

In 1998′ maybe 1999′ ?

I Wil dB ck

Black and Decker came out with a

Cordless/corded drill exactly like mine,

My dad saw the commercial first,  and called me to tell me about it,

So again, devistation ;(

O… well from that I learn alot,

I learned the Value of an idea no matter

How abstract,  or if it makes it in the market or not?

After reserching I found out that the patent rights were worth about a million + dollars to Black and Decker Dewalt co.

and the other great thing that came from this experience is My Father staryed to believe in my Ideas, maybe not the crazy ones, although he did start to believe

And He told Me the

Best story of his child hood and my grandfather and great uncle,

that invented the Original popup Trailer!!

So I was blown away, I could not believe inventing was I’m my blood….


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