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 Also in 1995′ I invented and have fully documented, although never patented? 


One day I was getting ready to decorate the house for Xmas with my oldest daughter,  I need music when I do anything, when I turned on the radio and open the cd player on the jam box lid, I saw my MetallicA cd, closed it and pressed play, and my kids cd started playing?  I opened the player and sure enough her cd was under neither my cd, so I flip them and my cd started playing

We started placing the cling on sticker decorations to the he windows,  and

Then the Whole idea Hit Me…

A clear film could cover a cd, protect the cd, and it would still be playable, and scratch resistant

I spent some time on this idea 

And had a hard time finding a material thin enough to work? 

On a flip top cd player it was no problem for operation, although a disk drive tray, like on a tower, or lap top

It would get stuck,  so I 

Scraped the Idea ?

Idiot !!!

In 2004′

9 years after my original idea 

A guy wins TIME magazine Top 50 inventions, for an idea exactly like mine, called CD bumpers, so I really started to take inventing and intellectual property seriously !!

I have family and friends that are witnesses to All of which I am disclosing

So it’s been a rough road…

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