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Skip now I guess to the Present…

After all the trial and error

I have finally figured it out

It took 20 – 30 years although now

My most successful idea the


It’s the amplifier riser

and equipment organizer

riser lifts the amp off the ground

Greatly improving the sound

Drawer organizer

stores your, pics, cords, strings, and things…

ampRiser is an example of

Invention is the mother of nesseity

One day my basement flood and My amplifier was Ruined !!

Along with pedals and other music equipment,

I quickly found out that they make  amplifier stands, and most guitar players

place there amp on a chair or makeshift stand to lift it up to improve the sound?

Since I love to work with wood and

Wanted something nicer than a metal chair or meTal stand, sooo….

I made a wooden cabinet the same size

as my amplifier that didn’t get ruined

in the flood, one design change led to another and hence the…

ampRiser was born !!

This invention was my pride and joy

It involves music, woodworking,  a little electronics,  everything I love !!!

Anyways this product has led Me to a lot of great things and has allowed Me to meet some Great people in the music business!

My highlights would be it brought my family together a little. ..

My mom was my legal assistance

(She is a legal secretary,  and registered public notary)

She set up my LLC

and proff read All my copyright materials

My dad gave me My woodworking skills and was my technical assistant

My Brother and Sister

100% support threw it all

My kids helped with every aspect !!

My Best friends and business partners

I love You !!!

The other Big highlights would be

My guitar player and bass player magazine add publications and

Being placed in the Product Spot light

Guitar and Bass player magazine

2008′ New Gear Review

and the great reward of having friends from all over see the add and contact me

All the great people at the publication office !!

and in 2008′ taking ampRiser to the

L.A. amp show and being interviewed

By Premier Guitar Magazine !!

Again that quick interview that was

Uploaded to their youtube channel

Led to a lot if connections

The L.A. amp show is where I met

some of the Best people in the

Handmade boutique amplifier business and other professionals

And I became an authorized

Jensen speaker dealer that weekend

Through CEI distribution

I made a good little profit over the

Years with ampRiser and have gotten to a level where if I want to get into the Big Box stores I need a licensed deal?

So even tho they are still kinda available

and my work is currently in 5 music stores downriver Michigan

I am in the process of working out a deal….


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